The mother of the groom.

A role as a true protagonist: accompanying the son to the altar. What does the dress code say about her formal dress? What does 2019 fashion propose? Let’s find out together in this article on a journey through etiquette and new trends.

As the etiquette wants
According to the classic rules dictated by the etiquette, it is good practice that the mother-in-law proceeds to purchase the dress only after the bride’s mother has transferred some information related to her dress, so you can harmonize the styles and adapt lengths.

If you want not to respect the classic rules, It is advisable to discuss with the bride, It will then be up to her to communicate any requests regarding the vision of her day: if she prefers a theme, a color and a style to respect

Question of colors
In general, the mother-in-law must never challenge the bride to the sound of color and elegance; Some colours must be abolished. Like white, beige or ivory, too close to the bride’s outfit ! or like black and red, reminiscent of mourning. Instead, pastel shades like powder pink, peach pink, pale pink, lavender, light blue, sage green and mint green are preferred.

Cuts, patterns and lengths
The dress must reflect age and personality. She must therefore take into account the rule that a middle-aged woman is no longer dressed as an adolescent.
The proposals for 2019 see silk as a precious, refined and comfortable fabric with straight but not too much cuts, complemented by jackets. The trousers are back in fashion in the model, very broad and soft, combined with chiffon blouses or blouses with fine and bright decorations.

The accessories to say yes
The tendency and common sense wants the use of a single jewel, if very large and conspicuous, precisely because of the principle of not having to compete with the bride in a flash.
associated his holding with a beautiful hat is always appreciated.

A good total look is also completed with a refined hairstyle; for those who want to focus on something special but extremely elegant, you can peek into the simplest bridal hairstyles that best suit a middle-aged woman.





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