5 Styles Tips For Men : Improve Your Style

You are a men and you want to improve your image?

So, we will give you 5 advices for a basic foundation on men style.

So, first : Be Comfortable In Your Clothing

You want to be comfortable in your clothing. First off, you want to be confident in what you wear. The way you become confident in your clothing is you practice wearing it. You know what you stand for.

The second part to that is everything you wear should fit, so make sure anything you buy, it doesn’t matter how inexpensive or how expensive it is, it needs to fit you, but don’t buy something because it’s 90% off, but it’s the wrong size.

2) Dress For Your Body

To dress for your body, dress for the event, dress for the weather, and to dress for yourself.

If you are a very large man, you’re very tall 350 lbs, in that case you want to wear clothing that actually is going to compliment your build and not make you look like a giant.

So, also, pay attention to the event, where are you going. If you’re just going to work, well, dress appropriately. However, if you’re going out for drinks, dress for that, don’t necessarily wear athletic clothing just because you came from the gym doesn’t mean you want to wear that to go out socializing. Make sense! And finally, dress for yourself.

3) Know Your Tailor

Habit number three is to know you tailor, actually know their name. And, by doing that all of a sudden you’re more likely going to take clothing to them, so pretty much everything you own that you’ve paid a little more money, you know, besides t-shirts and maybe athletic shorts. No, you want to take your dress shirts, you want to take all your jackets, you want to even take your jeans if they’re too long, they’ll actually get those hemmed a bit and fitting you and looking better.

4)Know Your Barber or Stylist

Habit number four is to know your stylist know your barber. Again, know their name and better yet, set up a time every month that you are going there to get your haircut.

So, let’s say, you know, all of a sudden you’re about – you got a new job offer, you’re going to in for an interview, you look in the mirror, oh, wow, my hair is a lot longer, they are very conservative company.

Well, if you actually got your haircut every month, you would at least be – you wouldn’t be reactionary, you would be, okay, well, it looks good, it’s well-groomed I’m good to go even though that interview is this afternoon versus you’re trying to go get all that – that quick grooming stuff and trying to squeeze in a quick appointment with a barber who you don’t even know and all of a sudden gives you a cut which just doesn’t look great for the interview.

5) Maintain Your Clothing

Habit number five is to maintain your clothing. So, make sure to wash, repair, press, and shine what needs to be shined, so pretty self-explanatory. But, guys the way I find that makes this easy is if you got the money, hey, send it out to the cleaners, get it done. If you want to save money, then do it as a batch process.

When you’re looking inspect your buttons on your favorite shirts. What you don’t want to be doing is be going into an interview, go to button up your jacket as you stand up and the button pops up, so stay on top of those things.




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