All the Mistakes Not to Make When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Are you planning to get married soon?

The process of choosing the wedding dress of your dreams is not easy. Even if this moment remains a pleasure for the bride, it could quickly turn into a nightmare.

In order to find the perfect dress without going through the mistakes that most brides tend to make, we will explain in 5 points the things to avoid when buying your dress.

So, first : Shopping too-late or too early”

Ideally, brides should start looking for their dream dress 10 months before their wedding date, and place their dress orders no later than 6-7 months before their wedding date
Indeed, do not forget that wedding dresses are custom made! Below this time you may find yourself with additional costs and the stress of receiving your order on time.
But buying too soon is not the answer either, because your judgment will change over time and you may end up with remorse.

2.  Be unrealistic about your budget”

Do not go in search of your dress without having an idea of the price you want to spend on this purchase. Still do not know where to cap your expenses? Ask yourself which price tag would turn your “dream dress” into a dress that is not for you.
Remember that the price tag does not include modification fees, accessories, the look after the party (you should choose to wear one), your veil…
3. Give too much power to your favorite people”
It may seem simple, but it’s your dress, your moment, so you should have the last word on its appearance and style. Remember that the people you have chosen to assist you are there to support your decision and help you in the process, rather than hinder you. Ask yourself how you feel before turning to your support system to get their opinion.

4.  Shopping without context”Where and what time of year are you getting married? What do you normally feel comfortable in when dressing for a black tie or formal occasion?

Asking yourself all of these questions will give you context for what setting your gown will be placed in and therefore, some guidelines regarding silhouette and style.
Are you getting married in a grand cathedral? You may want to consider a longer train and a fuller skirt to fill such a dramatic space.
Be prepared to be honest with yourself, the “dream dress” you had in mind might not fully suit the aesthetic of the wedding you are planning.

5. Trying on too many gowns”

There comes a time in the shopping process where a sizable amount of options becomes too much. Brides who have tried on too many gowns tend to forget the things they really loved about the style that should have been their wedding gown, and the alteration process becomes tricky as a result.




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