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Italians and tourists alike were spotted flaunting various styles in the streets of Rome. As the flowers start to blossom in Rome and the cold winter month’s drift away the chic spring styles start to emerge. Here are some styles we observed and liked at Personal Shopper Roma:

A patterned dress paired with a solid blazer makes for the perfect transition between winter and spring. The strappy sandals also add a nice touch for the warm weather.

Shoes: these are two prime examples of style staples in Europe. These styles seem to be travelling very quickly to the United States as well. The Adidas sneakers are very popular among men and women recently. They can clearly be dressed up or down, adding a stylish look to any outfit. The chunky black boot is also an extremely popular fall and winter requirement. Here, it is paired with a light blouse for a more summery look while the black leather backpack ties the entire outfit together.

This style of leather backpack is very fashionable. It serves its purpose as a place to store belongings, all the while being very trendy and adding a touch of style. The bag pairs nicely with brown sandals and the outfit’s light, neutral colors are fit for a spring day.

This layering technique is very popular around Europe. If you look closely, the woman is fashioning a blouse, topped by a blazer all under a short sleeve, loose cardigan sweater. Layering is a great concept because you are able to sacrifice a layer without sacrificing your fashion.

Shoes: These stylish rainboots are perfect for any sort of weather. They are fashionable enough to wear when it’s not raining and you will always be prepared for a sudden, unexpected rainstorm decides to hit.

Shades: Reflective lenses on sunglasses are a very popular style currently. They provide a pop of color to any outfit, especially one like this, solid, neutral colors.

Thanks to our model who has a very good modern style. @sandroparis@bottegaveneta /

Shoes: These modern Velcro sneakers are the perfect touch to make any outfit both stylish and comfortable.

Colorful accessories are a great way to add a pop of color to a solid or neutral outfit. If you’re ever feeling to bland or boring, add a colorful purse, necklace or sunglasses to spice up your outfit.

This tri-colored suit is a nice choice for a spring or summer day.


Circular sunglasses are also coming into style. The wood frames are extremely popular.



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