Picking the Perfect Suit

You finally convinced your fiancé to go rent a tux with the groomsmen, now what? How do you know if he is going to come home with the tux of your dreams, or with something straight out of Macklemore’s “thrift shop” music video? Here are some tips to ensure that he looks like a million bucks:

Do not get the wrong size
Finding the right size can be really difficult when it comes to renting a suit. It is difficult to find a flattering fit at a typical store because grooms nowadays are looking for a slimmer, more custom look. Follow these two guidelines and it will be easier to pick the right one: Make sure that the shoulders are structured and close to the body but also ensure they are not constricting, and ensure that the sleeves show a quarter to a half-inch of shirt with your arms at your side, and the jacket length should end at the base of your thumbs with your arms at your sides.

Organize Your Time Wisely: Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

In order to avoid fees or scheduling conflicts with tailors, find the suit and get it tailored right away. This saves time and stress for the bride. Go as early as possible and be as detailed as possible the first time, so you don’t have to go back and argue with the tailors because they did something wrong, when really it was just lack of communication.

Keep it simple
Look for suits that are timeless and stick with the basic colors like light or charcoal grey, midnight blue, navy blue or black. While bright orange, green and even white will stand out, they can easily look tacky and clash with the overall theme of the party. There are other items that you can change up in order to add a dash of individuality, for example, wearing bright colored suspenders or fun socks. These are simply and tasteful ways to add fun to the groomsmen’s wardrobe.

Renting overused suits
Sometimes when renting suits, the selection available at popular chain stores can be very overused and work out. The material looks faded or the quality isn’t what it used to be. In this case, you are better off going somewhere else. How you look will determine a lot about the confidence you have that day and a low quality rental that is worn out will not help.

Remember to Check Your Pockets
Before turning in the rentals, remember to check the pockets, it happens too often that groomsmen will forget important objects in their pockets that they will most likely lose forever.


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