7 Ways to Look Glamorous

Come to Rome and Change your look!
What to wear in Rome? Do you want to look like Angelina Jolie? Would you like to be glamorous? Come to the Eternal City and find your personal shopper Anna Maria Nardi. She will take you to the most famous shops. You want to have some piece of advice about what to wear or not with your body or your personality? A personal shopper will help you to find what you want.

Let’s discover the 7 ways to feel Glamorous

1. Slip into some sexy lingerie

Glamour starts with what you put on under your clothes. Wearing something lacy can lift your spirits and make you feel sexy. Trade your threadbare cotton bra and underwear for a silk set that adds instant sex appeal. Sure, your spouse might be thrilled with the change-up, but this isn’t about anyone else but you. Just knowing how hot you look under your outfit will impart a sense of glamour.

2. Paint your lips with red lipstick

Nothing says glamour like a luscious red pout. Instead of your usual swipe of nude gloss, opt for a look-at-me shade of red. Consider your skin tone when picking the shade. If you have pale skin, choose a rosy or pinkish hue (which won’t stand out as much against your fair skin). If you have a medium to dark complexion, you can pull off richer, brighter shades.

3. Play Up your Eyes

If you really want to look and feel more glamorous, the eyes have it. Play with this season’s bold shadows or do up a sexy, smoky eye to instantly add glamour to your overall look. Curl your lashes and add a lengthening mascara for definition and wow factor. If you want to feel ultra-glam (especially if you’re going out), consider adding false eyelashes to your look.

4. Ditch flats for heels.
Flats may be comfortable but they don’t exactly scream glamour. Maximize the glam quotient of any outfit by wearing a pair of fabulous heels. Your legs will look longer, you’ll look leaner, and your outlook will improve. You may not want to wear heels every day, but once in a while, especially when you’re feeling out of sorts, heels can make a huge difference.
5. Opt for over-the-top accessories.

Now is your chance to wear the jewelry you shy away from on a regular day because it just doesn’t go with jeans and T-shirts. Choose something sparkly and bold to add to your outfit as a way to glam up your look for the evening. Wearing stylish but statement-making accessories is an effortless way to look and feel more glamorous. Even a simple shift dress can look impressive when jazzed up with some serious sparkle.

6. Choose a sensual fragrance
This is not the time for light and airy body sprays. If you want to feel glamorous, you have to smell the part. A luxurious, exotic fragrance will help ensure you feel sexy and confident.
7.  Wear a dress
When it’s time to feel glamorous, don’t even think about donning something drab. This style situation calls for a dress, and nothing less will do. Choose a style that’s fun and flirty and that makes you feel great. Whether it’s your go-to little black dress or a sultry sundress in a feisty floral pattern, a dress is a quick and easy route to instant glam. Wearing a dress has a way of making even mundane events feel like a special occasion.
Don’t ask yourself anymore questions! Let yourself be guided by a professional personal shopper who will help you to feel as glamorous as possible.



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